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Managing Emerging Risks to Prevent Future Fires

As an executive, you’re probably an expert firefighter by now. Every day, it feels like a new fire crops up that demands your attention and prevents higher-level work from getting done. Over time, though, executives and leaders may begin to notice signs of “potential fires” – or emerging risks – as they crop up. Knowing Read More >

Eliminating Friction During a Acquisition or Transition

Whether your company is in the middle of a business acquisition, you’re shifting teams, or you’re moving to a new company, there is always friction in a new position. Learning new processes, meeting new employees, or switching industries all-together can be quite the stir up. So how can executives try to limit the friction that Read More >

Moving On: How to Prep a New Executive to Take Over

With the median employee stay decreasing to approximately 5.5 years, it’s hard to imagine that anyone will stay in a single position for their whole career. While older generations, specifically the Baby Boomers, are known for their company loyalty and career stability, younger generations are career-hopping more and more. Combined with the global market and easier Read More >

How Diversity Helps the Bottom Line

In a late 2014 article from Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group, diversity is the topic of conversation. As it relates to the bottom-line, the article says, “There are clear indications that diversity delivers measurable, positive performance outcomes for business. In fact, a diverse team will often outperform a homogenous team, even if the homogenous team has better Read More >

How to Lead Through Change

Change is arguably one of the toughest challenges an organization must face. Whether it’s something minor, like a change in a process, or of the larger variety, like a merger or acquisition, change of any kind can be difficult. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, change brings the unknown, and many Read More >

How to Make Reflective Leadership Work for You

Every executive is different. Yet, there is one characteristic all experts agree is critical to the success of any executive: being a “great leader.” This then begs the question:  if we’re all different, how do we define a great leader? A refrain that I have heard from a number of leadership experts: “There are all Read More >

Enhancing Executive Effectiveness & Leading Through Change

It’s a commonly held but mistaken belief that the best way to grow as an executive or business person is to “develop” your weaker attributes or “weaknesses.” …. continue reading my article in President & CEO magazine: >Click here to read article Leading Through Change “Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the Read More >

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