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Carl Robinson - Executive Coaching and Business Consulting

We help clients maximize individual and organizational performance by:

  • Improving executives’ ability to lead and manage a highly diverse and challenging workforce
  • Increasing capacity of high potential people to assume greater and more complex responsibilities
  • Increasing energy and creativity devoted to profit-generating activities
  • Increasing retention of "top talent," whose skills and expertise are difficult to replace.
  • Improving your ability to choose and hire the best talent

5 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Leader
- by Carl Robinson, Ph.D.

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"Early in our career my friend and I acquired a 50 year old company. Carl was critical in developing my leadership, partnership, and managerial capabilities. These skills made the difference in taking a small regional company to a national player that was recently acquired by a Fortune 500 company. Carl developed a strong foundation on how to effectively manage employees and provide insights into human behavior."

Co-President/CEO of a furniture design and manufacturing company (name of client and company available upon request)

"I am a big fan of Carl's. He helped me and my colleagues navigate during a very transformational period in our business. In a time of significant leadership change it was refreshing to have Carl's external perspective and counseling. He also provided me with key insights on developing and leading effective teams, and helped me identify and manage behavioral habits that were affecting my leadership potential."

Managing Director, Research & Innovation for a global wealth management company (Name of the client and company available upon request.)

"I have interacted with Carl Robinson in several contexts: guiding young colleagues to grow in their leadership roles, charting a course for my organization to handle some very challenging crises issues; and providing me insights into my leadership skills and where they can be improved.  He is extremely skilled in handling challenges for individuals or for organizations. I found Carl thoughtful, deep, compassionate and effective."

President of an internationally recognized research institute. (Name of the client and company available upon request.)

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