Assessment for Selection and Team Development

Maximizing Hiring Accuracy and Improving Employee and Team Performance

Why do progressive managers use sophisticated personality assessment technologies?

For new hires and current team members:

  • Faster ramp up: If the company has also assessed it management team, the new hire will be more easily and quickly integrated into the team. This sophisticated knowledge of individual difference of team members allows for more productive team development and provides forewarning and solutions for the inevitable conflicts that emerge under the extreme pressure of startups working at internet speed.
  • Management will be much clearer on how to motivate and develop the new hire. With this additional sophisticated knowledge of the employee’s strengths, the organization is better equipped to maximize those strengths and enhance the person’s growth, success, contributions and fulfillment.
  • Energized Employee: When the successful candidate is hired and then debriefed on her/his evaluation, they are energized by the clear and focused feedback and jump into the new job with more gusto.
  • Faster rebounding from mistakes: Both the new hire and their boss will understand the ways in which the new hire will most likely make mistakes so that developmental feedback/training can be more efficiently and effectively implemented. This is mission critical for organizations working at Internet time.
  • Improved performance: Management will better understand how to “package” and deliver feedback to this specific individual and will have a head start on the whole issue of performance management.
  • Improve employee retention: Candidate are almost uniformly impressed that the company takes its mission so seriously that it uses this kind of sophisticated approach to hiring and team development. Employees who are better matched with the job and the company culture and have been provided a personalized developmental path are more likely to perform better and like their job.

Pre-hire Assessment:

  • Better matching of team members: Pre-hire assessments will enable organizations to hire people whose personalities mesh more favorably with the work environment and corporate culture.
  • Upgrade the selection process: Sophisticated personality assessment tools add that additional objective voice to the hiring process. Assessments will reduce the following well documented selection biases: primacy effect, order effects, subjective weightings, self-image hiring, halo effects, over-valuing experience, over-valuing credentials and formal education.
  • Reduce unwanted and costly turnover. Again, employees who are better matched with the job and the company culture and have been provided a personalized developmental path are more likely to succeed.