Business Consulting & Executive Coaching

Organizational Development

Simply speaking, we help maximize the effectiveness of individuals and organizations by helping them improve their ability to lead, work together, select and develop their people. To accomplish that goal we work with top management to assess and establish the appropriate management structure and staffing to meet projected client/customer needs in the future. Once identified, we can introduce team building and individual skill development to enable the team and individual contributors to meet those needs.

Executive Performance Coaching

Executive Performance Coaching is a professional process that links individual effectiveness to organizational performance. It is a strategic tool that helps organizations attract and retain top talent, enables executive teams to improve leadership performance and employee productivity, and supports senior executives responsible for making crucial business decisions and achieving outcomes. It also serves as an insurance policy to minimize the risks of organizational change.

Our services include:

  • Competitive Advantage Coaching
  • Stretch Assignment Coaching
  • Coaching High Potential Individuals
  • Coaching Performance Issues – Executive Derailment Turnarounds
  • Developing Leadership Skills

Team Development Coaching

Team Development Coaching is a process that enables members of a team to work better together. As pressures for higher performance increase the stresses on the individuals within a team correspondingly increase and conflicts among team members are inevitable. Team Development Coaching helps team members navigate these predictable conflicts more effectively while developing a more efficient and highly effective team.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching is a professional process focused on assisting executives who are in the process of changing careers or are interested in exploring new career options. The job market is changing, and changing dramatically. Many executives, especially those who have been with the same company for several years, are often not prepared for the stressful process facing them.

To serve our clients with their career transition, we focus on the following areas:

  • Gain Insight into your strengths and developmental needs
  • Assessments and evaluations of skills and interests
  • Learn how to build your skills
  • Evaluation of new Job/Career opportunities to ensure life/career goal alignment
  • Guidance and support during your transition

Assessments for Selection and Development

Using scientifically validated assessment tools and processes we can:

  • Evaluate internal or external candidates for key positions within your organization – finding the right person for the job.
  • Help executives and professionals discover and better understand their developmental needs for crafting a career/personal development program or as a preparation for peak performance coaching.
  • Help executive teams understand team interpersonal dynamics and improve their ability to work better together