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Past Executive Briefings

Creativity Killers

Executives can be creativity killers. Executives have a responsibility to foster an environment that enables their team to be creative. This discussion looks at behaviors, both of executives and team members, which can kill creativity.

Managing Today’s Knowledge Worker

As the work force moves from lifetime employment to upwardly mobile serial career, the challenges to retain your key knowledge workers grow. Knowledge workers bring real smarts, not brawn, to the workplace, and it’s clear that the 21st century American company is primarily a knowledge company. So, what’s the secret sauce needed to both retain and manage today’s knowledge Read More >

Criteria for Selecting Executives

This year has seen significant CEO changes, headlined in the popular media by Jeff Bezos’ stepping down at Amazon. The rationale behind an organization’s choice of a particular C-level executive, and the decisions of the individual themselves, can veer away from best practice. It seems appropriate, therefore, to review the current best thinking on the Read More >

How to Deal with the Unintentional Jerk Executive

Difficult executives are the bane of their peers and a major drag on the energy of their bosses. Unintentional Jerk The “unintentional jerk” is a particular type of difficult executive. They have the best of intentions and firmly believe that they are doing what is best for their company or team. However, they leave a trail Read More >