Presentations & Seminars

Below is a sampling of presentations and keynotes that Dr. Robinson has presented.  He is available to develop and provide customized presentations, keynotes or workshops in addition to the list below:

  • Is Organizational Development relevant?
  • Why CEO’s think OD is just “touchy feely” stuff and what you can do to change their minds for the Washington Technology Industry Association HR Community
  • The First 100 Days: What it takes to succeed for National Conference – Tatum LLC
  • Executive Effectiveness: The Essentials of Outstanding Performance
  • What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard or in Kindergarten About Being a Leader
  • Coaching Executives – Challenges and Opportunities for HR
  • Inspiring Others to Achieve Better Results
  • When Times are Tough, the Tough Become Better Leaders
  • Raising your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) to Improve Your Leadership Ability
  • Improving Board – Executive Relationships
  • Selection by Design, Not by Chemistry: Upgrading the Selection of Key Employees for Your Organization
  • From Dreamer to Optimizer: Can this team make the transition?
  • Retaining Key Employees

Don Schlosser, Program Chair for Financial Executives International, Seattle

“Carl did an excellent job in talking with this group of high-powered CFOs about the challenges of leadership and provided practical steps for both enhancing our leadership capabilities and accelerating our careers.”


A selection of organizations and events where Dr. Robinson has presented:

  • Financial Executives International – Seattle Chapter
  • YEO (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) - Seattle Chapter
  • Society of Human Resource Management – Seattle Chapter
  • Fashion Group International – Seattle Chapter
  • MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest
  • “Directors’ College – Guiding Your Company Through Turbulent Times” sponsored by law firm, Graham & Dunn.
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organization’s international conference – YEO University
  • Entrepreneur University sponsored by the Northwest Entrepreneurial Network
  • TechLaw Conference, Workforce Challenges for Emerging Technology Companies – sponsored by the law firm, Dorsey & Whitney