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Facing Fear and 4 Steps to Getting Over It

The truth about fears is that it’s hard for people to admit to having them. This is especially true of the seemingly impenetrable and infallible people who become senior leaders and CEOs. So, we instead look for other reasons to explain our hesitations. “I’m passing up on this merger because the corporate cultures won’t merge Read More >

Why You Must Learn to Say NO.

There was a great book written by William Ury and Roger Fisher titled “Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement without Giving In.” It’s one of those books that tends to find its way into business school classrooms and even boardrooms around the world. While its first edition was written way back in 1981, it’s stood Read More >

Developing Passion and Letting it Lead You

These days, it’s not at all hard to find a blog, article, or social media post encouraging you to “do what you’re passionate about.” They say to quit your job and go after what you love because life is too short, or some variation of that school of thought. And, to a degree, they’re right. Read More >

How Creativity Helps You be a Better Leader

When you hear the word ‘creativity,’ what comes to mind? Paintbrushes and canvas? Pens and paper? Needles and thread? While these objects are related to creativity, they are merely tools. The ability (or inability) to use them does not define one’s level of creativity. Creativity, as it’s defined, is “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, Read More >

5 People Skills That Contribute to Business Success

College interpersonal communications classes are usually a low-level undergraduate class full of rote textbook memorization, which is ironic because there are no actual interpersonal skills put into practice when you’re reading a book. As much as 80 percent of people working todaybelieve that a good relationship with the boss makes for a happy and productive workplace. Read More >

Why Your To-Do List Should Contain Less “Doing”

Time management isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to successful leadership. If you think truly effective leadership means being entrenched in projects and tasks, with little time to come up for air, you’re operating on a misconception that could result in failure. In fact, extensive research proves that if leaders religiously Read More >

5 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Leader

If you feel like you might take a hike if you hear the phrase ‘effective leader’ one more time, then join the club. It remains a hot topic. Part of the problem, I propose, is that it’s ill-defined; it’s written and talked about ad nauseam, but with little substance. Let’s change that. Effective (ef●fec●tive) adjective 1. Successful Read More >

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