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Creativity Killers

Executives can be creativity killers. Executives have a responsibility to foster an environment that enables their team to be creative. This discussion looks at behaviors, both of executives and team members, which can kill creativity.

Managing Today’s Knowledge Worker

As the work force moves from lifetime employment to upwardly mobile serial career, the challenges to retain your key knowledge workers grow. Knowledge workers bring real smarts, not brawn, to the workplace, and it’s clear that the 21st century American company is primarily a knowledge company. So, what’s the secret sauce needed to both retain and manage today’s knowledge Read More >

Popularity & Leadership: Should You Try For Both?

Popularity and leadership – at first glance it might seem as though they are two entirely separate ideas. You can’t be popular and a good leader. You can’t be a good leader and be popular. It just doesn’t work. Yet many people strive to be both popular and a great leader. They want to have it all; they want to be amazing at their jobs and they Read More >