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How to Make Reflective Leadership Work for You

Every executive is different. Yet, there is one characteristic all experts agree is critical to the success of any executive: being a “great leader.” This then begs the question:  if we’re all different, how do we define a great leader? A refrain that I have heard from a number of leadership experts: “There are all Read More >

How to Lead Through Change

Change is arguably one of the toughest challenges an organization must face. Whether it’s something minor, like a change in a process, or of the larger variety, like a merger or acquisition, change of any kind can be difficult. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, change brings the unknown, and many Read More >

How Diversity Helps the Bottom Line

In a late 2014 article from Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group, diversity is the topic of conversation. As it relates to the bottom-line, the article says, “There are clear indications that diversity delivers measurable, positive performance outcomes for business. In fact, a diverse team will often outperform a homogenous team, even if the homogenous team has better Read More >

Moving On: How to Prep a New Executive to Take Over

With the median employee stay decreasing to approximately 5.5 years, it’s hard to imagine that anyone will stay in a single position for their whole career. While older generations, specifically the Baby Boomers, are known for their company loyalty and career stability, younger generations are career-hopping more and more. Combined with the global market and easier Read More >

Eliminating Friction During a Acquisition or Transition

Whether your company is in the middle of a business acquisition, you’re shifting teams, or you’re moving to a new company, there is always friction in a new position. Learning new processes, meeting new employees, or switching industries all-together can be quite the stir up. So how can executives try to limit the friction that Read More >

Managing Emerging Risks to Prevent Future Fires

As an executive, you’re probably an expert firefighter by now. Every day, it feels like a new fire crops up that demands your attention and prevents higher-level work from getting done. Over time, though, executives and leaders may begin to notice signs of “potential fires” – or emerging risks – as they crop up. Knowing Read More >