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10 Tips for Attracting and Keeping Top Talent

Make no mistake: your top-performing talent is aware of their value to the company. They also hold the company to a higher standard because they know they deserve it. Finding this sometimes-elusive talent—and keeping them—requires that senior leaders humanize their companies by investing empathy and communication, and a good deal of trust in the employees Read More >

How Do You Value Training?

Advanced Concepts: Evaluating Training Programs One of the questions that I get frequently is “How will we know that a training effort is working?”   It’s a good question – and one that deserves a thorough answer. Whether you are an HR Director, Training Manager, Department Manager, or even a classroom participant it can be helpful Read More >

Retaining Key Talent & Becoming the Boss

Have you lost any good employee talent recently? Do you think the loss was necessary? Was the defection for the purpose of a better opportunity, or because they “checked out” of your organization? That is, did they run away from your organization or run towardsanother? Employees leave for a variety of reasons. Boredom, under appreciation, Read More >

Short Cuts to Developing Top Performers & The True Source of New Ideas

Mentoring is quickly becoming the most effective and least costly alternative for fostering young or inexperienced talent. You will find that developing a mentoring culture in your organization gives you the opportunity to augment learning and better utilize your resources. Moreover, the benefits of relationship skills learned (by both sides) will spread through the whole Read More >

How Do You Manage the Generation Mix?

Can You Manage across the Generations? Whether you are a team leader, manager or seasoned executive, you are likely playing a daily tug of war with the generations. The workplace includes Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y, and they all have unique characteristics that drive their professional (and personal) priorities.  Here are some quick takeaways Read More >

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