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A recent executive briefing I wrote titled, “Six Traits of Effective Leadership,” elicited many responses. One response predominated and that went something like this, “Well Carl, those are great traits to aspire to and it’s easy to say, ‘Sure…that’s me.’ However, if I don’t want to fool myself is there a quick and dirty way Read More >

Protect Yourself: Don’t Become a Victim of a Data Breach

Unless you pay no attention to the media, you’ve heard about the catastrophic data breaches that hit high profile companies hard in 2014. And cyber-attacks aren’t slowing down; the first half of 2014 showed double the hacks of the entire previous year. Here are three of the worst high-profile cyber-attacks in history that happened in Read More >

8 Tips for Spurring Innovation

Steven Johnson is an author credited with the keen ability to examine the intersection of science, technology and personal experience in his work. In 2010, he did the same on stage in his TED Talk: Where Good Ideas Come From. In it, he said, “If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people Read More >

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