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Creating a Positive Workplace & Are You a Teammate or a Hero?

Why do so many organizations have a “culture of complaint?” (1) because it has become a habit or (2) because they feel fearful and helpless. Both of these reasons are important to organizations that recognize the value of a shift away from a common culture of complaint. While it’s true that shared experience is what Read More >

Do Words Really Matter & Just Say No to Lethargic Employees?

Situations are complex, especially at work. There are countless circumstances to deal with every week. Which ones should you take on? Which ones should be let go? The truth is that there is no right answer, because there is no way of ensuring how the conversation will turn out, even if you give it your Read More >

Change Versus Improvement & Getting the Most Out of External Expertise

Whether you need specific technical expertise, additional personnel for project leadership, help with hiring your next superstar, or just to add a qualified voice in making decisions, the practice of utilizing external consultants successfully has gained steam in recent years. However in this day and age of high unemployment, retiring baby boomers, and inexperienced entrepreneurs Read More >

Tips for the Busy Boss & The Correlation of Culture to Profits

Supervisors, aka Bosses, aren’t often thought of as the employees with exemplary “people skills”, but our research shows that while supervisors who are considered excellent task managers are rated throughout the top, middle, and bottom it is the group of supervisors who are considered excellent people managers that consistently make the high-performers list. Interestingly, even Read More >

Reducing Procrastination in the Workplace

Maybe we should leave this article for another time… Workplace procrastination is the worst kind of self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s de-motiving, demoralizing, and cripples the culture you’ve worked so hard to build. If you are actively procrastinating then you may find you do your best work with the clock ticking down to the final seconds as Read More >

Management Styles for Today’s Dynamic Workplace

Various management techniques and styles are evident in any workplace. Some managers rely on their own skills to create, implement and control the workplace from the top down. Other managers are more comfortable in a team approach to management where everyone has responsibility and input. This second type of manager has a strong preference for Read More >

Human Again: Add Personality to Your Business

Marketing is like sex, writes Steve Tobak of CBS. He explains his analogy further, writing, “Everyone thinks they’re good at it.” The “cut-and-paste” style of marketing made possible by emails, recorded telephone calls and old-fashioned postal mail completely misses the point, he laments. Customers recall businesses that communicate with them on a personalized basis, and Read More >

How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Organization

The business world is changing at lightning speed and to keep up, your organization needs to stay on its toes. It’s not enough to generate a few good ideas. Instead, you need to push for more. But there’s a science behind commissioning your workforce to generate new, creative concepts. You can’t simply ask for ideas Read More >

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