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3 Ways to Make Life Easier For Your Employees

Boosting employee morale and productivity may be easier than you think. And, creating a positive work environment is not out of reach. Here are ways to make your employees happier, without sacrificing your bottom line.

Forget Tracking Vacation Days and PTO

Netflix does it. So does Groupon, ZocDoc, Virgin, Evernote and HubSpot. So what exactly is it that they do? All of these companies offer their employees unlimited vacation days. Sure, it might sound crazy at first, but don’t be so quick to dismiss the idea. Implementing unlimited vacation days can help to keep your employees from burning out. Boost their morale by offering this perk. A report from the U.S. Travel Association showed that 40 percent of the U.S. working population will let some of their vacation days go unused. Reasons why these vacation days go unused include answers like “My boss will frown upon it,” and “I worry about falling behind at work,” according to Business Insider. Some have even said they don’t like taking time off, but that answer is hard to believe.

Experts agree that offering unlimited vacation days makes employees less anxious and it makes people want to work harder. According to Inc., offering unlimited vacation days implies trust and breeds responsibility. With freedom comes great responsibility and most employees get that.

Offer Unique Programs to Your Employees

Want to make your people feel appreciated? It’s simple; offer them perks that nobody else offers. Voluntary benefits programs can help to retain and engage your current employees. You already offer health and life insurance benefits, offer your employees something new that can safeguard their financial health and their credit. According to a LifeLock survey, 39 percent of respondents said that they would likely purchase identity theft protection via a payroll deduction. You can help your employees stay protected by offering a LifeLock Employee Benefits Program.

This benefit can help your employees stay engaged and productive at work and it lets them know that you care about protecting their identity.

Organize Team Building Activities With a Purpose

Want to host a team event? Step one: define a goal. David Jacobson, founder of TrivWorks, says that there’s a lot of confusion with companies that decide to hold team building events. He says oftentimes they know that they want to host an event, but don’t know why. Jada Graves, writing for U.S. News & World Report, says that good team building activities should always have an objective, or a defined goal. Team building activities should be enjoyable but they should also have a lesson or a takeaway. Your goal should determine the activity. And, no, impromptu happy hours after a day at the office doesn’t count as team building. The activity must be organized and structured if you’re looking to enhance your employees relationships with one another.

For example, a team building exercise that involves volunteering is a great way to foster communication among employees all while working together to achieve one common goal. This exercise can be done on-site, as teams plan fundraisers or organize clothing drives, or off-site, contributing to local charities with a hands-on approach. To find local volunteer opportunities within your community visit the nonprofit organization VolunteerMatch.com.