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Popularity & Leadership: Should You Try For Both?

Popularity and leadership – at first glance it might seem as though they are two entirely separate ideas. You can’t be popular and a good leader. You can’t be a good leader and be popular. It just doesn’t work. Yet many people strive to be both popular and a great leader. They want to have it all; they want to be amazing at their jobs and they Read More >

Some Truths About Courage & Leadership

Courage and leadership. Have you ever put those two words together before when it comes to your own business (or any business, come to that)? Probably not. Courage and leadership as a combination tends to be reserved for those in the military, in jobs that require lives to be put on the line such as the police force or fire service, Read More >

Don’t Eliminate Conflict in Business – Manage It!

Carl Robinson, Ph.D., copyright 2008 One of the most important ingredients for success in any business is to hire smart, confident and assertive people. However, when you do, you’re sure to have conflict. It’s impossible to put a bunch of smart, assertive people together without them bumping heads. In fact, if there isn’t conflict, then Read More >

How To Deal With The Unintentional Jerk Executive

How To Deal With The Unintentional Jerk Executive By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. © 2010 Difficult executives are the bane of their peers and a major drag on the energy of their bosses. There is a particular type that I will call the “unintentional jerk” who has the best of intentions and firmly believes that they Read More >

The Art & Science of Delegating

Effective delegation is the best indicator of effective management simply because it is so basic to both personal and organizational growth.  –Stephen R. Covey   Are you a Producer? If you are a producer who can delegate effectively, then your accomplishments far exceed your efforts, because those you foster will also be producers for you, exponentially Read More >

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