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The Currency of Success - Interpersonal Intelligence™

Accelerating Executive Development

One of the hallmarks of highly effective executives is their willingness and ability to act proactively regarding their own and their employee’s professional development. I am constantly amazed, however, about the frequency in which we (I refer to my colleagues in the Society of Consulting Psychology of the American Psychological Association) encounter organizations that only Read More >

Popularity & Leadership: Should You Try For Both?

Popularity and leadership – at first glance it might seem as though they are two entirely separate ideas. You can’t be popular and a good leader. You can’t be a good leader and be popular. It just doesn’t work. Yet many people strive to be both popular and a great leader. They want to have it all; they want to be amazing at their jobs and they Read More >

Emotional Self-Management for Leaders: a Mission Critical Skill

There was a time when leaders were encouraged to “say what they felt.” The truth is, however, that leaders need to monitor and manage their feelings so that they can effectively respond rather than react. That’s why the “say what you feel” mentality has–thankfully–gone the way of the dodo bird. For better or worse, leaders Read More >