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Popularity and Leadership

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2008 Is leadership a popularity contest? One of the most widely used methods for developing executives is the multi-rater feedback process commonly know as the 360 degree assessment. The theory is that the evaluations of your leadership effectiveness by the people who you work for, with and manage are valid Read More >

Optimism – Leaders Must Have It and It Can Be Learned

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. © 2009 Most of my readers and clients know that I am intensely curious about human psychology and how it impacts personal and professional effectiveness. The U.S. Presidential race provided much food for thought. This month’s briefing is not a statement of my political orientation but my observations on the psychology Read More >

Leading Through a Crisis

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2009 What is the one major stumbling block to navigating/leading through a crisis such as we are collectively experiencing right now?  It’s generally NOT a lack of creative and workable solutions.  It’s getting people to move off the dime, to break through their complacency, fears and/or self-righteousness so that they Read More >

13 Steps for Navigating Conflict Effectively

by Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2009 Conflict is natural in any vibrant organization. A lack of conflict is not a good sign and can signify apathy, conflict avoidance or passive aggression – deadly sins for organizations.  Effective people and organizations learn how to navigate conflict rather than avoid it.  In fact, creative solutions to complex Read More >

Preventing Executive Derailment

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2009 Research on executive effectiveness has found that 33% of executives selected for senior positions fail. Some estimates run as high as 50%. How do you know if a key employee is headed for a crash? With the cost of replacing key employees reaching into the hundreds of thousands of Read More >

The Ethical CEO

The Ethical CEO By Carl Robinson, PhD. © 2010 Do CEOs care how history will judge them? Do they care if they leave a positive legacy, one where employees, customers and the community at large remember them with respect and admiration? Judging from the media reports of some high-profile CEOs, one would think that CEOs Read More >

Are you an Adaptive Leader?

CEOs and executives everywhere have been practicing white knuckle management for almost two years now.  Your organization may have seen rapid and extreme changes in this time; still, we all are looking ahead to the emerging “cooling off” period. Is the economy finally getting back to “normal?” And what is “normal” these days, anyway?  All indications are that Read More >

Managing With Courage

The life of a middle manager can be a harrowing one. You may be given many problems, but not necessarily the direct authority over many of the players to easily carry out the solution. Follow this recipe for critical success in managing from the middle. First, know that everyone you work with is important. Really. Read More >

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