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Being Politically Adept Is Not BS

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard aspiring executives ask, “Do I have to BS or kiss ‘you know what’ to succeed?” I’ve even heard CEOs ask if they really have to pretend to like board members. But there is a big difference between being emotionally intelligent and politically aware within an organization Read More >

5 Obstacles to Great Leadership & How to Address Them

What is your Achilles heel – your weak point – as a leader? Is it delegation? A short temper? Maybe it’s statistics and analytical analysis. Whatever your weaknesses are, you are probably much acquainted with them by this point in your career. You’ve probably found work-arounds that help you function on a daily basis that Read More >

Why the “Hands Off” Approach Doesn’t Work

Most leaders and executives know that micromanagement can be damaging to self-sustainable progress in their employees and teams. We even know that most people operate best when they have some sort of autonomy in decision-making and work styles. But many executives, when they try to avoid micromanaging, tend to pull back too far; they slide Read More >

Self Management – Not Micromanagement

One of the hardest parts of leadership is figuring out how to get your company, team, or fellow executives to work without constant interference. While executive personalities do enjoy many aspects of management and leadership, that doesn’t mean they want to spend every minute giving specific directions or checking in. Instead, you want to create Read More >

Just Because You Can Do More Doesn’t Mean You Should

In this fast-paced business world, it can be hard just take a moment for ourselves. As executive and leaders, we don’t get many opportunities to reset and relax, especially during a project launch or company shift. You do more and more and, before you know it, you’ve hit a wall. Executive burnout is a very real risk Read More >

The Intersection of Ethics, EQ, and Getting Things Done

At what point is moving the needle and progressing as a team more important than your teammates themselves? This is something many executives and leaders, especially in high-stress industries, have to ask themselves. There is, undoubtedly, a fine balance between getting things done, getting them done well, and burning everyone out in the process. So Read More >

Millennials as Leaders: How to Make it Work

If you stay in an executive position for long enough, there will inevitably come a day when someone younger moves into a position parallel (or even above) your own. For many Millennials entering the workforce today, they’re finding themselves in a leadership position over people much older and more experienced than them. For the first Read More >

Dealing with the Fires You’ve Inherited

At some point in your executive career, you’ve probably walked into a new role in a new organization only to be met with a total mess and a “Good luck with that” welcome mat. This is where most of us find ourselves at the beginning of our career, and we dive in with every intention Read More >

Charisma is no Panacea

Most authorities on leadership effectiveness recommend the use of a variety of leadership styles rather than a one size fits all approach. However, do the various leadership styles that executives employ really have an impact on the bottom line? That’s a question that many would say is a no-brainer; however, in fact, the research indicates Read More >

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