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Millennials as Leaders: How to Make it Work

If you stay in an executive position for long enough, there will inevitably come a day when someone younger moves into a position parallel (or even above) your own. For many Millennials entering the workforce today, they’re finding themselves in a leadership position over people much older and more experienced than them. For the first Read More >

Dealing with the Fires You’ve Inherited

At some point in your executive career, you’ve probably walked into a new role in a new organization only to be met with a total mess and a “Good luck with that” welcome mat. This is where most of us find ourselves at the beginning of our career, and we dive in with every intention Read More >

Charisma is no Panacea

Most authorities on leadership effectiveness recommend the use of a variety of leadership styles rather than a one size fits all approach. However, do the various leadership styles that executives employ really have an impact on the bottom line? That’s a question that many would say is a no-brainer; however, in fact, the research indicates Read More >

Self Awareness and Lack Thereof in the C-Suite, Study Reveals

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that C-suite executives lack self-awareness, but that’s exactly what a recent Korn Ferry survey indicates is the most-coached leadership challenge in positions at the top. What’s important to understand is that self-awareness is a hair’s breadth away from Maslow’s self-actualization; it’s a top-tier skill that is light years more complicated than Read More >

10 Commandments of the CEO Role

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to obtain or maintain the position of CEO? Any Google search for ‘traits of a great CEO’ will turn up hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Yet, it’s easy to see that the most reliable sources among them tend to have 6-10 themes, if you will, to the Read More >

The Top 6 Priorities for Managing Virtual Teams

Nearly 80 percent of employees surveyed for a recent Harvard Business Review article reported working remotely as part of a virtual team, a number that has skyrocketed in the face of recent technological advances. The modern geographically dispersed team (GDT) model allows companies to find the best talent, offer the job flexibility they’re seeking, and Read More >

How to Keep Great Employees from Quitting – 5 Tips

Recruiting top talent represents one of the biggest challenges corporations face, as well as the biggest up-front investment. Keeping the great talent you have is therefore the ultimate goal. Yet, a recent study reveals that one-third of nearly 10,000 respondents in 8 countries are struggling with whether or not to leave their jobs. So, the Read More >

3 Ways to be an Effective and Approachable Leader

People gravitate toward other people who make them feel good about themselves, people who are approachable, and who share similar values and ethics. We’ve also made mistakes and had to admit failure, so we commiserate with others in the same predicament. It may seem counter-intuitive, but a boss who is imperfect and admits mistakes is Read More >

3 Tips for C-Suite Success

How effective do you believe yourself to be as a member of the C-suite? According to a recent McKinsey survey, the number of executives believing themselves to be ineffective might surprise you. That’s because nearly half of top executives say they weren’t effective at earning support for their new ideas when they moved into C-suite roles, Read More >

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