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5 Steps to Thinking Creatively

Recently, with the downturn in the economy, I’ve observed an upturn in the negative influences on business peoples’ ability to think creatively right when more creativity is most needed. Creative thinking is the fuel to the engine of our economy – discovery, invention and entrepreneurism. For this month’s briefing, I will draw on research I Read More >

Success – Have the Rules Changed or Have You?

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., copyright 2005 For many executives, the view from the top isn’t quite what they expected. So begins the article by Sheree Curry in the most recent issue of Executive Travel magazine, an American Express publication. I was interviewed at length for this article and she did such a good job that Read More >

Two Myths About Executive Coaching

Carl Robinson, Ph.D., copyright 2006 Executive coaching has become “the” leadership development method for some very good reasons (see excerpt of article from Fortune magazine on the ROI of executive coaching on my “Results” web page). However, there are two myths about coaching that I believe need to be dispelled. Myth #1: If you fix Read More >

The Importance of Managing Your Boss

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. copyright 2007 It’s obvious that successful leaders know how to manage others. But woe to thee who doesn’t learn how to manage one’s boss (or board/investors in the case of CEOs). Frank was a successful SVP of Marketing for a fast growing $300 million/year revenue high tech company. His CEO recently Read More >

Executive Blind Spots and How to Avoid Them

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. © 2008 Do you know anyone who can bat .1000? The best baseball players hit in the low to mid .300 range and we think that is terrific. Executives don’t bat .1000 either when it comes to decision making. Unfortunately, many of their poor decisions are the results of blind spots Read More >

Knowing What You Don’t Know

Read in President & CEO Magazine Read my bi-monthly column in President & CEO:  Responding – Not Reacting is a Critical Leadership Skill >Click here to read article Getting Help: Knowing What You Don’t Know We’ve all heard the story – the story of the salesperson who was so good, so head-and-shoulders above the productivity Read More >

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