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Past Executive Briefings

Why Empowering Employees is an Important Facet of Leadership

For decades, in Corporate America, employees were considered to be subordinate to management and there was rarely any push-back with regard to who led and who followed. Thankfully, times have changed. Managers have, for the most part, now discovered how much more successful a business can be when they encourage and cultivate the creativity, perceptions, Read More >

The Importance of Commitment

Bill has been the CEO of a prominent financial services firm for nearly a decade. He knows the industry and his company well, has adequate visibility with his employees, and delivers powerfully-worded speeches that have the capacity to get them motivated. The only problem is… they’re not. In fact, morale is down, performance is declining, Read More >

Reversing Corporate Conflict Avoidance in 2 Steps

Executives and leaders have a responsibility to create an environment where all of their employees work together toward a common goal. This, when done right, will enable the company to bring in enough revenue to keep everyone employed and to grow the business. But after working with several hundred senior executives and business owners, I’ve Read More >

6 Steps to Develop a Powerful Leadership Team

The leadership team is one of the most important components of an organization, if not the most important. Collectively, members of this group determine where the organization is going and how it is going to get there. Yet, the percentage of leadership teams operating at dysfunctional levels is staggering. In 2007, 42 percent of senior leadership teams were considered dysfunctional. Read More >

5 Ways to Overcome Fear as a Leader

Senior leaders, and especially CEOs, are typically seen as stoic, fearless personalities. Fear is not something people believe leaders experience, much less something that plagues them. Yet, the ‘average’ senior leader knows fear all too well. Recent research published in the Harvard Business Review by Roger Jones affirms the reality of fear in the life of a Read More >

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