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Past Executive Briefings

4 Steps to Meeting Long-term Goals with Short-Term Tasks

Managing a team of employees is never simple, even when everything is going great. One thing many executives find is that their long-term vision for the company is often hindered by the lack of day-to-day direction. You can’t get from A to Z without connecting to every point in between, but sometimes teams get so Read More >

The Future of Teamwork: How to Manage Remote Employees

Recent polls indicate that the number of traditional employees who work from home has grown exponentially; about 3% of employees work from home at least part of the time. In addition, about one third of the workforce is “independent,” whether they are contractors, freelancers, or self-employed. Many of these independent workers work remotely (not in Read More >

Acquisition & Integration: When Two Companies Become One

While the sale and acquisition of your company can be beneficial in many ways, there is no doubt that employees are often the hardest hit by any company merging. Depending on the values of the company that acquires yours (or that your company acquires), there may be different cultures, dynamics, and even infrastructure. To make Read More >

3 Team Building Activities For All Business Budgets

A 2009 data analysis published in the journal “Small Group Research” examined 103 team-building studies over 50 years’ time. Businesses that made a conscious effort to enhance and fortify relations among team members showed measurable positive effects in company cultures and bottom lines. The key to making team building activities effective? Avoiding awkward and invasive Read More >

Why the “Hands Off” Approach Doesn’t Work

Most leaders and executives know that micromanagement can be damaging to self-sustainable progress in their employees and teams. We even know that most people operate best when they have some sort of autonomy in decision-making and work styles. But many executives, when they try to avoid micromanaging, tend to pull back too far; they slide Read More >

Creating a Work Culture That Attracts Diversity

Every organization, at one time or another, will struggle with fixing age-old problems that just seem to be a continual roadblock. From budget shortages, IT issues, to missed project deadlines, there’s always something. And, unfortunately, your team just can’t seem to fix them. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The definition of insanity is trying the Read More >

Self Management – Not Micromanagement

One of the hardest parts of leadership is figuring out how to get your company, team, or fellow executives to work without constant interference. While executive personalities do enjoy many aspects of management and leadership, that doesn’t mean they want to spend every minute giving specific directions or checking in. Instead, you want to create Read More >

Building Creativity into Your Organization

Leaders and executives, whether in startups or established companies, are expected to be pioneers of new ideas and solutions. But when you’re just one person in a larger team or massive company, being the sole source of new ideas can prove to be exhausting (and not very fruitful). To reduce the burden on leaders, generate Read More >

Just Because You Can Do More Doesn’t Mean You Should

In this fast-paced business world, it can be hard just take a moment for ourselves. As executive and leaders, we don’t get many opportunities to reset and relax, especially during a project launch or company shift. You do more and more and, before you know it, you’ve hit a wall. Executive burnout is a very real risk Read More >

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