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Past Executive Briefings

Team Building Without Time Wasting: A Case Study

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. copyright 2007 In the book, Coaching for Leadership: How the World’s Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn, Marshall Goldsmith and Howard Morgan describe a practical team building approach that is effective, empowering and highly focused. Called, Team Building Without Time Wasting (TBWTW), their approach offers the specific steps and the insights needed Read More >

New Year’s Leadership Tips That Anyone Can Use

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2008 In today’s free agent economy, very smart people want to grow and will only stay at companies that help them do that. “Pay them well, pay them fairly and then do everything you can do to make them forget about the money” (Alfie Kahn). Most people respect and appreciate Read More >

How to Deal with Political Land Mines

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. © 2008 In any organization, there are people who are opposed to any change in the status quo.  They have worked within a structure for years, and it provides a comfort zone for them. Perhaps they helped to create the structure. They are either passively or actively opposed to structural or Read More >

Don’t Eliminate Conflict in Business – Manage It!

Carl Robinson, Ph.D., copyright 2008 One of the most important ingredients for success in any business is to hire smart, confident and assertive people. However, when you do, you’re sure to have conflict. It’s impossible to put a bunch of smart, assertive people together without them bumping heads. In fact, if there isn’t conflict, then Read More >

What Do Successful Leaders Appeal to First – Heart or Mind?

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D. © 2008 If you ask any successful salesperson, they will tell you that all things being equal, (competing product and/or services) you need to appeal to the emotional side of your prospect’s mind if you want to win them over. Salespeople who develop a good relationship with their prospects will have Read More >

Finding Opportunity in Crisis

By Carl Robinson, Ph.D., © 2009 Much has been written about executive coaching as a method for helping executives perform at the top of their game or to get back on track if they have derailed. The latter has been until recently the primary reason coaches are retained. However, the little know secret is that Read More >

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