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Ambitious Women Need to Know These Business Success Tips

The expectation that women belong in the kitchen and men belong in the office is becoming more obsolete. It’s predicted that more women than men will be in the workforce for the first time ever in 2014, according to an employment trends analysis highlighted by The Telegraph. Look forward to the baby boomer generation gradually becoming replaced by Generation X and Y counterparts, resulting in massive changes in the workforce over the next 10 years.

If you’re a woman who identifies and envisions herself as an influential businesswoman, refer to the following guide as a valuable resource for achieving your goals.

Powerful Women in Business

In 2011, executive Irene Rosenfeld, Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) Chairman and CEO, was ranked No. 1 on the list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business on Fortune’s annual ranking of leading businesswomen in America. Rosenfeld offers a wealth of solid advice to women entering the business world, such as actively work to stand out from others and distinguish yourself. Echoing this statement, command the attention of the decision makers in your company and promote your own abilities to gain a competitive advantage.


  • Spend your time focusing on what you do best
  • Declare yourself an expert
  • Be that person who knows at least as much or more than anyone else doing what you do
  • Believe in yourself, and others will too

Rosenfeld shares good company with businesswoman Patricia Fripp who speaks to Fortune 500 executives on how to become more successful. After she was named “One of the 10 Most Electrifying Speakers in North America,” she hired a private speech coach and improved even more — becoming the very best she could be.

Also, the CEO of PepsiCo. Indra Nooyi frequently speaks at events sharing advice for future CEOs. Nooyi stresses that coming across as fake or manipulative can harm your career. Being genuine and speaking in a loud, clear voice that expresses valid points and adds value to the company will always defeat meaningless statements. Accomplish what these powerful women do by developing self-confidence and a plan of action. Enter the professional field with a winning attitude and voice.

Art of Presentation

Outstanding presentation skills help achieve success in the business world. Business leaders are expected to present a confident message that is clear and concise to co-workers and higher-ups, as well as partners, investors and occasionally the general public.

Influence others with an effective presentation by:

  • Preparing with thorough research and material
  • Speaking with clarity and articulating; make sure you are heard without shouting and exude plenty of enthusiasm
  • Speaking slowly and including pauses so the audience can digest what you’ve said

Essential Tech Gear

Ncwanche.org promotes two computers as necessary tech gear for today’s modern, successful businesswoman who’s on top of her game. A desktop serves as a reliable piece of central equipment for spreadsheets and files. A laptop, on the other hand, is a mobile database that can be carried to business meetings and on the road. For example, laptops by Lenovo offer a wide range of stylish business options at affordable prices, such as the 14-inch ThinkPad S431 UltraBook with all of the features that the smart businesswoman needs to make it big.

It’s becoming a women’s working world. With strong, powerful female role models, skillful edge and technological advances, smart businesswomen are taking advantage of their time to shine.