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Creating the Ultimate Personal CEO Development Plan

The creation of a personal development plan is something almost every employee has gone through at some point or another. This is that time of the year when managers challenge their subordinates to create goals for themselves on a personal level that will better enable them to achieve their professional objectives. Being a better team Read More >

Listening: The Attribute Every CEO Must Possess

Large and in charge. That’s the persona of the average CEO. They are the eloquent ones, with the power to reach and move others. Some might even be called good communicators. Yet, this may be an inaccurate moniker. After all, effective communication means more than just talking. It means listening, too; and often better than Read More >

Facing Fear and 4 Steps to Getting Over It

The truth about fears is that it’s hard for people to admit to having them. This is especially true of the seemingly impenetrable and infallible people who become senior leaders and CEOs. So, we instead look for other reasons to explain our hesitations. “I’m passing up on this merger because the corporate cultures won’t merge Read More >

Why You Must Learn to Say NO.

There was a great book written by William Ury and Roger Fisher titled “Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement without Giving In.” It’s one of those books that tends to find its way into business school classrooms and even boardrooms around the world. While its first edition was written way back in 1981, it’s stood Read More >

Developing Passion and Letting it Lead You

These days, it’s not at all hard to find a blog, article, or social media post encouraging you to “do what you’re passionate about.” They say to quit your job and go after what you love because life is too short, or some variation of that school of thought. And, to a degree, they’re right. Read More >

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