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Dealing With Difficult News / Conflict or Combat?

As a leader in your organization, you have undoubtedly been faced with having to convey difficult news or seemingly drastic new plans to your employees or team members.  How have you handled that task in the past? Do you couch the big announcement between details of company softball team uniforms and new employee orientation information?  Read More >

Organizational & Career Strategies

One of the critical issues that leaders face is not necessarily creating a strategy, but actually executing it throughout the ranks of the organization. Think of execution as a set of linked activities that carry out the critical changes and development efforts that you have worked so hard to create.  Since leaders are trained more in planning than they are Read More >

Make Your Ideas Stick & Effective Mentoring

Making your ideas “sticky” can help you in many forums, whether it is communicating more effectively with your team, other managers or with prospective business partners. Here is a primer for ensuring that your own messages resonate: What is the core message? Look at what you are trying to convey to your subordinates or colleagues. Read More >

Provocative Selling & Learn to Innovate

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” ~William Pollard Did you know that at most companies, executives don’t feel personally responsible for being innovative? Strangely, they tend to feel that they are personally responsible for facilitating innovation, which Read More >

Use Action Learning to Achieve Real Results

Many real workplace problems don’t seem to have a home. They may be big and complex, but they don’t sit squarely in anyone’s corner. So how can you solve them? By utilizing action learning, that’s how. Action learning enlists people with varied levels of skills and experience to analyze an actual work problem and develop an action plan. The Read More >

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