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The Importance of Commitment

Bill has been the CEO of a prominent financial services firm for nearly a decade. He knows the industry and his company well, has adequate visibility with his employees, and delivers powerfully-worded speeches that have the capacity to get them motivated. The only problem is… they’re not. In fact, morale is down, performance is declining, Read More >

6 Steps to Develop a Powerful Leadership Team

The leadership team is one of the most important components of an organization, if not the most important. Collectively, members of this group determine where the organization is going and how it is going to get there. Yet, the percentage of leadership teams operating at dysfunctional levels is staggering. In 2007, 42 percent of senior leadership teams were considered dysfunctional. Read More >

The Future of Teamwork: How to Manage Remote Employees

Recent polls indicate that the number of traditional employees who work from home has grown exponentially; about 3% of employees work from home at least part of the time. In addition, about one third of the workforce is “independent,” whether they are contractors, freelancers, or self-employed. Many of these independent workers work remotely (not in Read More >

3 Team Building Activities For All Business Budgets

A 2009 data analysis published in the journal “Small Group Research” examined 103 team-building studies over 50 years’ time. Businesses that made a conscious effort to enhance and fortify relations among team members showed measurable positive effects in company cultures and bottom lines. The key to making team building activities effective? Avoiding awkward and invasive Read More >

5 Key Steps to Building Team Energy

A few years ago, a client of mine was leading the marketing department of a major financial services firm: high profile, internationally respected brand.  Many of his people worked long hours and some traveled quite extensively. Yet, no one ever seemed to mind. In fact, there was always an energetic buzz about them. The group Read More >

Trust – The Secret Ingredient to Team Performance

High levels of Trust and Productivity are intricately linked. You can have one or the other independently, however to maximize team performance you must have both. And it’s not just a matter of trusting one another. Every team member must “buy in” to the mission of the team. Why is this particular group of individual being asked to work Read More >

Work Teams That Work & Asserting for Your Interests

Teamwork. We hear about it all the time. Our business-speak is littered with “team” jargon. The term “teamwork” is so overused that it has all but lost its meaning. In your organization the word team may describe the entire company, self-selecting groups of individuals, or subsets of key individuals who have been identified to solve Read More >

The No Complaining Rule & Teams That Work

The trend toward an organizational “no complaining” rule is gaining popularity, so in this issue we will look at how and why companies are enlisting this rule as the bedrock of cultural change in their organization. Why do people complain? Usually for one of two reasons: (1) because it has become a habit and (2) Read More >

Training for Agility and Flip the Switch on Teamwork

Are successful leaders going to excel, regardless of the times in which they lead? Some may say yes. After all, Jack Welch lead General Electric through both solid and turbulent times, right? But hold on a moment. Many executives have been stumped stumped (and many of them have later failed) when trying to maneuver through Read More >

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